Driver Recruiting

Find and onboard qualified individuals seamlessly, building a robust team for your fleet. Our innovative Cloudway platform allows you to send applications instantly, and it automates essential background screenings once a prospective applicant completes their application. Say goodbye to cumbersome paperwork and delays - welcome to a new era of efficient, hassle-free driver recruitment.

Asset Management

Stay on top of your maintenance records and make data-driven decisions with our system. We provide you with the tools to efficiently track and manage your maintenance records. Our platform empowers you to analyze spending data per unit, allowing you to make informed and cost-effective decisions. Don't let maintenance issues catch you off guard - be in control and optimize your operations with our solution.

Accident Register

We make it easy to record and track accidents, ensuring you have a complete record of incidents for analysis and compliance purposes.

Driver Qualification Files

Keep all your driver qualification records organized and up-to-date, ensuring compliance with DOT regulations at all times.

Document Expiration Module

Never miss an important document renewal again, with automated alerts and tracking to maintain compliance effortlessly.

Driver Portal

Empower your drivers with a user-friendly portal, allowing them to access their records, submit documentation, and stay informed on their compliance status.

Internal Communication

Foster seamless communication within your organization, promoting teamwork and quick resolution of issues between drivers and the safety department.

Preset Templates

Utilize preset templates to easily create corrective action plans for any driver non-compliance, guaranteeing adherence to DOT regulations and promoting a culture of safety.

Company Documents

Centralize your critical company files for convenient remote access anytime, anywhere. Our solution ensures that all your essential documents are securely stored in one accessible location.

Audit Support

Rely on our team of safety professionals to guarantee your full compliance with DOT regulations and maintain audit readiness at all times. With our expertise by your side, you can focus on your core operations, knowing that your compliance is in capable hands.