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Welcome to Cloud Fleet, your trusted partner in revolutionizing driver and fleet management. At Cloud Fleet, we are passionate about empowering businesses in the transportation industry to optimize their operations, enhance safety, and achieve unparalleled efficiency.

  • Easy to Use
  • Driver Hiring Process
  • Review Applications and Forms
  • Document Expiration Notifications
  • Cloudway – Instantly Send Your Applications!
  • Integrated Background Verifications
Cloud Fleet

Our Features

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Driver Hiring Process

Cloud Fleet provides easy electronic applications, online forms, and visual guides that are faster, more efficient, and remove many of the barriers to growth.

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Compliance with DOT Guidelines

Cloud Fleet enhance your ability to recruit qualified drivers and ensure compliance with DOT guidelines

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Safety & Maintenance

Stay compliant with time tracking for your fleet's safety records and scheduled maintenance.

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Ready to Optimize Your Operations?

Cloud Fleet simplifies the keeping of critical documents, ensures nothing is ever missed, and alerts you in advance to critical items that require action!